Modular Floating Dock- Mini Island On the Shore- 7 Images

Rich boys like to indulge in luxury toys, and a personal boat/yacht is the ultimate rich boy’s toy. So for those millionaires, who love to lead a luxurious marine lifestyle, the modular floating dock by Wave Armor is an extension of the sumptuous waterfront living.

The Wave Dock is unlike any other floating dock integrated with luxury accessories to allow you to not just dock your boat, but to lounge and soak in the sun. The modular floating dock can be fitted with luxury attachments, including dock benches, wave rafts and a kayak rack to make it even better. The other highlights include exceptional performance, superior strength and durability with precision-engineered suction pockets to keep it stable on the water. The other specs include: H-Beam channel lock system, folding dock ladder, attachments like Snap-in-Cap to make the port safer to make the unused area safer to walk around, dock bumper and a universal dock box for your patio needs. And, if that is not enough, the island raft from Wave Armor features two adjustable backrests that lay flat and are completely integrated with the deck when not in use, along with a pop-up table with beverage holders that is strategically placed between the two backrests. So, now you can spend more time in/out of the water just as you desire.

Via: Wave Armor