Detect P0rn By Using P0rn Detection Stick!

The P0rn Detection Stick is a thumb drive device that will search through all the images on your computer. Scan them for p0rnographic content, and create a report of suspected p0rnographic images. It even scans deleted images and Internet cache files so there’s no hiding Internet activity. This means even if Internet Explorer cache files are deleted, many images can still be recovered and scanned for p0rnography. Best of all, no software is installed on the target machine so they don’t know you’ve performed a search. You can even securely delete objectionable images.

• Recognized File Types: 15 total, including JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP
• OS Compatibility: Windows 98/SE, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7
• Memory Capacity: 4GB
• USB Interface: 2.0
• Dimensions: 54x17x10mm• Weight: 14.2g

Paraben’s P0rn Detection Stick allows you to find images that potentially can include p0rnographic contents. Paraben’s P0rn Detection Stick scans an arrangement of images to determine attributes that indicate the image may be of a p0rnographic nature. It uses sophisticated, analytical processes; consisting of thousands of algorithms. These include 11 different detection methods to provide enough information to reliably distinguish between p0rnographic and non-p0rnographic images.