Cherry Tree with Differently Colored Blossoms- 5 Images

Cherry Tree with Differently Colored Blossoms

Although this is not any kind of another amazing natural wonder, this beautiful tree with differently colored blossoms is definitely an attraction in the Portchester village, in Britain.

In springs, when trees get their blossoms, this tree looks little bit different than the others. One half of the tree has white blossoms and other half has pink blossoms. The visitors who see this tree for a first time are often astonished by what they see. However, the explanation beside this little natural phenomenon is pretty simple and obvious.

This tree was formed like this because of some not so successful grafting. People tried to graft an ornamental cherry tree onto the native British cherry tree which was aimed to serve as a rootstock.

The purpose of rootstock was just to provide the newly grafted tree with nutrients and water from roots. However, the rootstock decided to fight and live and day by day, it fought out for almost an equal share of food and space from the rest of tree.