Elkep Evi- Hotel Inside Rock Mountain- 16 Images

Elkep Evi- Hotel Inside Rock Mountain

An excellent Cave hotel in urgups Cavern hill That Offers, fabulous atmosphere and a perfectly exotic setting. The bonus here is larger and airier cave rooms, each with a private terrace carved into nook of the cliff, and gorgeous view over the Cappadocian dreamscape. Cappadocia offers best underground hotels in the world. Isn’t it beautiful?

Elkep Evi cave hotel has beautiful cave rooms, cave suites excellent for honeymooners, families looking for a large, airy, cozy cave-inn hotel in Urgup Cappadocia. All cave suites are a small troglodyte house with comfort.

They have private cave terrace with unparalleled view of Cappadocia so you have all privacy you want. Between the nicest, charming and satisfying cave suites hotel in Cappadocia Elkep Evi`s cave rooms and suites are reasonably priced. Instead of two rooms, families can have large airy cave room or cave suite in this cappadocian small cave hotel.

While you travel in Cappadocia I suggest you to accomodate in a cave hotel. Elkep Evi small cave hotel is an option for you. If you compare comfort and prices, you will see that this small boutique hotel will be your choice. It`s cave suites are magical. Discover this elegant small cave hotel. Pay atention to it`s new cave suites with private Turkish Bath, they are excellent.

A traditional Turkish Breakfast of home made gozleme (a savoury Turkish pastry) olives, cheese, fresh bread, an assortment of jam; freshly squeezed orange juice and tea or coffee is served from the hilltop garden with spectacular view of Cappadocia. This is the only cave hotel located at the top of mountain in Cappadocia.