6 Reasons To Choose Mineral Make Up

Leaving home every day looking beautiful and gorgeous is every woman’s dream, and cosmetics are the means by which to enhance their facial features and complement their outfit.

Mineral make up

Mineral make up is the latest trend in the beauty world over the past couple of years and many cosmetic companies have added new mineral lines of make up to their shelves.

Prepared with sterilized and pulverized minerals and combined with a variety of natural inorganic coloring, many women choose mineral make up for its natural and skincare properties.

Despite this, many women still hesitate to switch to mineral make up and continue their traditional cosmetics. The benefits and reasons for using mineral make up are manifold:

Reasons to use mineral make up

Reason #1: Mineral make up is healthy

As already mentioned, mineral make up is as natural as it is claimed to be. Apart from the fact that it gives a natural feel and look, mineral cosmetics plainly eliminate use of synthetics like perfumes and other potentially harmful ingredients for skin.

Mineral make up adheres to natural oils in your skin and doesn’t leak into the pores, so it is considered as especially safe for your skin.

Reason #2: Mineral make up has anti-inflammatory effect

With its anti-inflammatory effect and presence of zinc oxide and titanium oxide, mineral make up makes your skin look smooth and natural. Even if you wear mineral make up for hours, it doesn’t form a wrinkle effect on your skin.

Reason #3: Mineral make up is versatile

When compared with traditional make up, if done right, mineral make up is more versatile. If you like, you can easily combine a mineral foundation with creams, skin moisturizers and even water to get the perfect consistency of liquid foundation.

Reason #4: Mineral make up has a stable shelf life

You can easily include mineral make up in your cosmetic or make up collection without any worry of throwing them away because they’re damaged.
Inert and plain, pure mineral make up has a long stable shelf life. As mineral make up doesn’t include any organic material, there is no chance of mineral products harboring bacteria.

Reason #5: Mineral make up gives long-lasting effects

Mineral make up not only has a stable shelf life, but also leaves a long-lasting effect on your skin. The minerals last a long time, so even a little can go a long way to give a natural feel.

Reason # 6: Mineral make up protects your skin from sun

The ingredients used in the manufacturing of mineral make up products in fact have the natural element of sun protection. However, it is wise to remember that it is not enough to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.