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Drinking Water With Meals- Good Or Bad For You?

There is one view that says drinking water with meals aid digestion, while another says that it hinders digestion. So what is the real truth about drinking water with meals – is it good for you or bad for you?

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Creative Painted Dogs- 15 Images

Dogs Painted to Create Panda Dogs and Dog Tigers

The mysterious human desire to paint its pet dogs so that they look like other animals which are not dogs has reared its head once more, with a selection of painted dogs being displayed in China.

The painted dogs in question were on display in Zhengzhou, in eastern China’s Henan Province, at what appears to have been a veritable festival of dog painting.

As well as the tiger-dog, there were a number of rather adorable fluffy panda-dogs being shown to the crowd.

Exactly why people are so keen on the trans-species decoration of their dogs is not especially clear, but the effort is appreciated. Except, perhaps, by the dogs.

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The $60 Million iPad-Controlled Gulfstream G550 Private Jet

Spain-based industrial designer Stefan Radev has given the $60 million Gulfstream G550 private jet a makeover, including cool iPad controls à la P. Diddy’s Solemates superyacht. From the exterior livery to the seating arrangements, Radev’s design scheme is simple, elegant and ergonomic. It’s also full of eco-friendly touches like bamboo woodwork.

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Emma Roberts- Glamour Magazine Photoshoot- 8 Pics

Emma Roberts- Glamour Magazine

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Kate Upton– “Beach Bunny” Photoshoot- 13 Pics

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Kelly Brook Looking Hot In Blue Gown- 8 Pics

Kelly Brook Looking Hot at InStyle Warner Brothers Golden Globes Party.

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