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Lily Donaldson Hot Photoshoot- 16 Pics

Lily Donaldson

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Lindsay Lohan Hot Photo Collection- 10 Pics

Lindsay Lohan Hot Photo

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Melissa Giraldo for Ryocco clothing line from Colombia- 15 Pics

Melissa Giraldo

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10 Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

Earthquakes have destroyed many cities and taken many lives over the course of history. Unfortunately, as of now, Man is yet to discover a way to predict earthquakes. Seismologists are only able to rate the intensity of an earthquake (Moment Magnitude Scale) after its occurrence by measuring the amount of energy released. Methods have been devised to preempt earthquakes.

However, in front of the most powerful quakes, most preemptive methods are rendered ineffective. Following is a list of the ten earthquakes with the largest magnitudes in recorded history.


1960 Valdivia Earthquake


Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

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10 Most Amazing and Beautiful Homes in Australia

We are all becoming more energy conscious and working hard to reduce our carbon footprint, and while all new homes in Australia must meet a five star energy rating, there are some homes which go well beyond five stars and do it in style.

There is nothing as much fun as gushing over a gorgeous home, least of all because you’re not the one who has to worry about the mortgage! Well for your property pleasure, following are 10 of the most amazing, awe-inspiring and beautiful homes in Australia, perhaps you’ll be inspired to update your place?

Glenburn House

Homes in Australia-Glenburn House

Glenburn House has been built in a Victorian hillside and has been specially designed to be easy to heat in winter and easy to keep cool in summer. Glenburn House integrates eco-friendly technologies into the home, for example the property uses solar panels to generate electricity and heat the water.

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World Largest Sand Carpet- 5 Images

World Largest Sand Carpet
Sand castles are not the only thing which you can make with sand. The group of artists created the world’s largest sand carpet. They have used colored sand and it looks very traditional as Persian rugs.

The unique 39,370.078 square foot (12,000 sq. meters) world record carpet was created by 25 visual artists made entirely of 70 types of colorful sand found on the country’s southern island seashores of Hormuz, widely known for its red soil, to create the ‘Persian Gulf’ sand carpet.

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