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Fertile Women Want Masculine Men

A new study says the fertile women become more attracted to other men if their partner has a less-masculine “baby face.”

Researchers at the University of New Mexico studied 66 monogamous couples over the course of a month. They rated the intelligence and the appearance of the men. A strong jaw, chin, and brow make a masculine face. For the women, researchers surveyed them on their sexual attractions and fantasies during their fertile and non-fertile periods.

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Meet Gregory- The Egg Man- 6 Images

Meet Gregory- The Egg Man

A walking work of art, Gregory Da Silva is more than an odd spectacle – he is a symbol of Africa’s many diverse cultures…In the first heady years of the African Union, the world’s eyes are increasingly turned to the continent from which humankind first appeared. Beneath the seemingly impenetrable mask of violence portrayed in popular media, lies a living and thriving cultural climate which Des Warde finds well depicted by West African street artist Gregory Da Silva.

His head dress weighs up to twenty five kilograms, his body is armored with artifacts and his face painted with tribal patterns and an undying smile. Each day, Gregory Da Silva presents the city center with a new display of his symbolic art.

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Hayden Panettiere Vegas Magazine- 9 Pics

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Audrina Patridge- Runway Magazine Photoshoot- 7 Images

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Jennifer Ellison– Diana Gomez photoshoot- 5 Pics

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Jillian Looking All Kinds Of Hot In Red Bikini- 7 pics

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