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Biometric Door Locks! Are They Worth The Hype?

Biometric Door LocksThere was a time when the actual biometric door lock was considered the stuff of sci-fi cinema. Certainly not anymore. Keyless biometric locks are growing to be more and more common in homes and businesses because of the improved protection they provide. It may not be long before every home and business establishment has biometric locks installed on their entrance doors.

What are Biometric Door Locks?

Biometrics is actually a cutting-edge safety and security technology that utilizes physiological and behavioral characteristics to recognize human beings. This is employed largely in identity management and access control. Biometric locks commonly utilize fingerprint-reading technology in order to open, but different biometric techniques require the use of handprints, eye scans, as well as voice recognition.

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Most Unusual and Weird Face Tattoos- 15 Images

Most Unusual and Weird Face Tattoos

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Incredible Russian Night Club and Ice Bar- 15 Image

Incredible Russian Night Club and Ice Bar

It’s so cold in winter in Northern Russia that people in St. Petersburg decided not to waste money on heating their bar and made a bar made solely from ice.

You can enter for a fee of $12.

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What To Eat For Beauty, Brains And Good Health

What To Eat For Beauty, Brains And Good Health
Healthy eating is the most effective and least expensive preventive health measures we can take.

Here’s our list of Super foods. Tape it to the fridge, and make an extra copy to bring with you when you go grocery shopping. It’s not necessary to eat everything every day, but if you use this list to plan meals and menus, you’ll be eating from among the healthiest foods in the world.

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Illustrations by Anita Kunz- 13 Images

Illustrations by Anita Kunz

Anita E. Kunz, OC (born 1956) is a Canadian-born artist and illustrator. She graduated from the College of Art and Design Ontario.

Kunz has lived in London, New York and Toronto, contributing to magazines and working for design firms, book publishers and advertising agencies in Germany, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Canada, South Africa, Holland, Portugal, France and England. Her clients include Time magazine, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, GQ, The New York Times, Sony Music, Random House Publishing and many others. From 1988 to 1990 she was one of two artists chosen by Rolling Stone magazine to produce a monthly illustrated History of Rock ‘n Roll end paper. She has produced cover art for many magazines including Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, the Atlantic Monthly and The New York Times Magazine. She has also illustrated more than fifty book jacket covers.

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Jennifer Aniston Glowing At The Age Of 42- 10 pics

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