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Modern Tree House- 10 Images

Modern Tree House- 10 Images
Unique tree house, designed and constructed by Baumraum, is located in a small private garden in Munster, Germany.

Wooden structure rests on metal stilts above a pond. It is equipped with comfortable bed, modern furniture, large windows, and a terrace.

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Modern Pop Up Camper- 9 Image

Modern Pop Up CamperBeautiful camping trailer inspired by the shape of the Sydney Opera House.

Opera camper is equipped with collapsible roof, two beds, ceramic toilet, top loading refrigerator, LED lighting, and kitchen with hot water.

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Molly Quinn’s Castle Promo Shoots- 5 Pics

Molly Quinn’s Castle Promo Shoots

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Creative Slide House in Tokyo- 17 Images

Creative Slide House in Tokyo
Creative house in Tokyo features cleverly integrated slide that allows people to quickly travel from one floor to another.

Designed by LEVEL architects, this amazing family house is equipped with rounded corners, hardwood floors, and modern furniture.

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Madonna at the premiere of her new film “W.E.”- 10 Pics

Madonna at the premiere of her new film W.E.
Madonna and the stars of her movie “W.E.” have attended the U.K. premiere of the film in London.

“W.E.” is about the romance between American socialite Wallis Simpson and Britain’s King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne for love in the 1930s.

The pop singer, who directed and co-wrote the film, arrived at a cinema in Kensington on Wednesday evening in a floor-length black Jean Paul Gaultier gown and feathered Dolce & Gabbana cape.

She was joined by the film’s British cast — Andrea Riseborough, James d’Arcy, Richard Coyle and Natalie Dormer.

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Toilet Powered Motorcycle- 7 Images

Toilet Powered Motorcycle
Japanese toilet manufacturer TOTO created an eco-friendly motorcycle that runs on human waste.

Designed to promote TOTO’s environmental efforts, Toilet Bike converts human waste into biogas fuel. As an added bonus, this mobile toilet can also play music and even talk to the rider.


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