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Freida Pinto Yo Dona February 2012 Scans- 6 Pics

Freida Pinto Yo Dona February 2012 Scans
Freida Pinto graces the Cover of one of the most read Spanish Women’s Magazine YO DONA Feb 2012.

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Emmy Rossum Zooey Magazine Scans- 7 Pics

Emmy Rossum Zooey January 2012 Scans

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Gamer Dies At Web Cafe But No One Notices For Hours

gamers playing video games at an internet cafe
A Taiwanese man who died while playing video games at an internet cafe was left for hours after fellow gamers failed to notice his death.

The body of Chen Rong-yu, 23, was found slumped in a chair at a cafe in New Taipei city on Tuesday night, according to local reports.

He was rigid on a chair with his hands stretched out towards the keyboard and mouse, police said.

He had been playing League of Legends.

Mr Chen’s body had apparently been sitting there for up to nine hours without any of the 30 other people in the cafe noticing.

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Cintia Dicker Hot BeBe Campaign- 6 Pics

Cintia Dicker BeBe Campaign January 2012

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Blake Lively Goes Hot for ELLE Magazine- 7 Pics

Blake Lively for ELLE Magazine US March 2012
Blake Lively Features On The Cover Of Elle Magazine’s USA edition for the month of March 2012 wearing a Victoria Beckham dress.

In an interview with ELLE she revealed that “I’ve had four boyfriends in my whole life. I’ve never been with anyone that’s not a boyfriend,” she claimed. “If I spend time with a man, it’s because there’s somebody that I know well who has been a friend for a while.” So we also know who they four are… Ryan Reynolds, Leonardo DiCaprio, Penn Badgley and Kelly Blatz. Anyway checkout Blake Lively Elle.

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Computer Used To Decode Brain Activity

Computer Used To Decode Brain Activity An X-ray shows one of the patients in the study with electrodes all over their brain

Scientists believe they have found a way to read people’s minds in what could be the first step towards helping brain-damaged patients who cannot speak.

US researchers used a computer program to decode brain activity and put it into words using a form of electronic telepathy.

Experts described the breakthrough, unveiled in the journal Public Library of Science Biology, as “remarkable” and believe it could ultimately be possible to decipher people’s thoughts.

Researchers at the University of California in Berkeley used the programme to predict what spoken words volunteers had listened to by analyzing their brain activity.

Previous research has shown imagined words activate similar brain areas as words that are said aloud, raising hopes they can also be uncovered by “reading” brain waves.

Professor Robert Knight, who worked on the study, said: “This is huge for patients who have damage to their speech mechanisms because of a stroke or Lou Gehrig’s disease and can’t speak.

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