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Kate Upton “Bare Necessities” Lingerie Photoshoot- 12 Pics

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Incredible animal hair Extensions- 11 Images

Incredible animal hair Extensions

These bizarre looking hair set is the creation of Japanese designer, Nagi Noda, which created them in her typical eccentric style. During her short life, she created ads for Nike and Coca-Cola; however, she is probably most famous for her hair hats. Everyone seemed to know who she was after she created a hair hat for Lady Gaga. I put a selection of her other hair hats below for your enjoyment.

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Josefina Cisternas- Ralph Lauren Swimwear Photoshoot- 14 Pics

Josefina Cisternas- Ralph Lauren Swimwear Photoshoot

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Most Unusual and Weird Face Tattoos- 15 Images

Most Unusual and Weird Face Tattoos

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6 Reasons To Choose Mineral Make Up

Leaving home every day looking beautiful and gorgeous is every woman’s dream, and cosmetics are the means by which to enhance their facial features and complement their outfit.

Mineral make up

Mineral make up is the latest trend in the beauty world over the past couple of years and many cosmetic companies have added new mineral lines of make up to their shelves.

Prepared with sterilized and pulverized minerals and combined with a variety of natural inorganic coloring, many women choose mineral make up for its natural and skincare properties.

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The Coolest and Fashionable Old People- 11 Images

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