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Capilano Suspension Bridge- 14 Images

Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of Vancouver, British Columbia’s most popular tourist attractions. The reason is simple, there are so many things to see and do! Just minutes from the bustle of downtown Vancouver, the attractions at Capilano Suspension Bridge offers a unique mix of adventure, history and culture making this Vancouver tourist attraction a complete British Columbia experience and an essential on your list of things to do in Vancouver, BC.

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The $60 Million iPad-Controlled Gulfstream G550 Private Jet

Spain-based industrial designer Stefan Radev has given the $60 million Gulfstream G550 private jet a makeover, including cool iPad controls à la P. Diddy’s Solemates superyacht. From the exterior livery to the seating arrangements, Radev’s design scheme is simple, elegant and ergonomic. It’s also full of eco-friendly touches like bamboo woodwork.

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New Audi Bicycle Audi Duo Costs $ 6,530

Audi Bike-Audi Duo
The German automaker Audi has presented its new development – a bicycle Audi Duo. Frame is made of wood, which, according to founders, “provides the greatest smoothness and improve the impact energy absorption and vibration.”

In addition, the wooden frame weighs four times smaller than a similar frame made of aluminum, while maintaining stiffness and strength aluminum construction. Press Center Audi focuses more on certain features of the bike: belt drive, disc brakes and LED-lighting lamps.

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Shoot ‘n Share Camcorder Projector

Shoot 'n Share Camcorder Projector
The Shoot ‘n Share Camcorder Projector, which retails for about $300 plus a memory card through Hammacher-Schlemmer can instantly project what you just shot on to the nearest wall or flat surface, zoom in to check facial expressions and zoom out to check backgrounds.

The camcorder shoots 720p HD video and 8MP still photographs and projects a 5″ to 65″ image for sharing your just-captured shots.

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Motorized Off Road Skateboard- 6 Images

Fiik motorized skateboard is unlike most skateboards out there, this one’s got big tires and a remote control to steer it. The big wheels mean it can do some sort of “off-roading” while the electric battery pumps up power ensuring you just stand comfortable on the skateboard while it moves. The only work you have to do with this one is to try to maintain your balance. Fiik has a maximum speed of 23 mph (37 km/h), and can travel for 22 miles (30 km) on a single charge. It ain’t cheap though, the skateboard costs $1600.

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How To Check for Phone Taps?

To check for phone taps, observe keenly for phone tap symptoms such as low voice, abnormal rings and disturbing hisses. Although difficult, you have some respite in following a few steps:

Carefully Inspect Every Inch of Phone Wire in your Home: Look for phone tap equipment on the phone line like coil taps or induction coils.

Open up the “restricted” Side of the Box and check in there: Receiver, underside of the box is the places where tapping instruments are placed for their insusceptibility. It might spring a surprise or two.

Some of the more advanced Taps can be very small and easily fit inside a phone so that detection is all the more difficult. You have to have a surgeon’s eye to detect them. Alternately, you can use a watchmaker’s glass, too.

Are My Telephone Lines Being Unofficially Tapped?

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