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Megaphone for your iPhone- 6 Images

Megaphone for your iPhone
Horn shaped iPhone speaker, designed by Italian company en&is, allows you to listen to your favorite music without headphones.

Ceramic megaphone will amplify the sound of your iPhone or iPod Touch. It does not use any electricity and comes with elegant wooden stand.

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Amazing houses for dogs- 14 Images

Amazing houses for dogs
German company Best Friend’s Home creates amazing houses for dogs.
High quality wood and shatterproof glass windows make each doghouse resistant against all types of weather. Beautiful designs were inspired by modern houses, fairytale castles, and luxurious mansions.


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Cool Christmas Lights- 20 Images

christmas decoration

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24 Most Unusual And Creative Bookshelves

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UFO Inspired Tree House- 7 Images

UFO Inspired Tree House
Cool tree house designed by Bertil Harstrom looks like an alien spaceship.

Unique exterior with classic round porthole windows hides a modern and comfortable living space with separate levels.

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Informative Dresser For Your Kids- 7 Images

Informative Dresser For Your Kids

Training Dresser will teach kids to put away their clothes in proper drawers.

Designed by Peter Bristol, informative drawers are shaped like different types of clothing. This unique dresser will look great in any bedroom.

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