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Growing Temple By Giuliano Mauri- 13 Images

Growing Temple By Giuliano Mauri
Giuliano Mauri – renowned environmental architect, who unfortunately did not live up to the present day. But his project continues to exist. He built a temple of the trees, which continue to grow. The material was used 80 seedlings of beech, chestnut bars 600 and 1,800 barrels of spruce. The whole structure is 650 sq.m.

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Realistic Disney Princesses- 13 Images

Realistic Disney Princesses
Finnish graphic design student Jirka Vaatainen creates realistic portraits of iconic characters from Disney animated films.

Wonderful images show how each princess would look in “real life“.

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Modern Pop Up Camper- 9 Image

Modern Pop Up CamperBeautiful camping trailer inspired by the shape of the Sydney Opera House.

Opera camper is equipped with collapsible roof, two beds, ceramic toilet, top loading refrigerator, LED lighting, and kitchen with hot water.

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Toilet Powered Motorcycle- 7 Images

Toilet Powered Motorcycle
Japanese toilet manufacturer TOTO created an eco-friendly motorcycle that runs on human waste.

Designed to promote TOTO’s environmental efforts, Toilet Bike converts human waste into biogas fuel. As an added bonus, this mobile toilet can also play music and even talk to the rider.


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Modern Studio Apartment- 12 Images

tiny 500 square foot apartment in New York
JPDA architects converted tiny 500 square foot apartment in New York into efficient living space that doubles as home office.

Unique apartment features intricately sculpted wooden core that contains new kitchen, small bathroom, integrated drawers, and comfortable bed.

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Real Angry Birds- 8 Images

Real Angry Birds
Series of cool photo manipulations by Mohamed Raoof shows us how the characters from the Angry Birds video game would look in the real world.

The artist transformed photographs of real birds into the “Angry Birds“.

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