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Mobile Home for One Person- 10 Images

Mobile Home for One Person
Small one person camper designed by Cornelius Comanns from Germany.

Bufalino vehicle is based on the Piaggio APE 50 tricycle. It comes with folding bed, small kitchen, desk, and plenty of storage compartments.

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Kieron Williamson- The 9-Year Old Artist- 7 Images

Kieron Williamson- The 9-Year Old Artist
When 9-Year Old Kieron Williamson’s paintings were put up for sale in Norfolk, England, they were sold out in just 10 minutes. While artists more than twice his age struggle to find buyers for even a single piece of art, Kieron’s story is one that could spark envy in the most established of painters.

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Mask that looks and feels like real face- 8 Images

Mask that looks and feels like your face
Japanese company REAL-f makes three-dimensional replicas of human faces.

For only $4,000 USD, you can have extremely realistic mask that looks and feels like your face. Perfect costume for any Halloween party!

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Everything in This Room is Made of Chocolate- 5 Images

Everything in This Room is Made of Chocolate
A shopping mall in Kaliningrad, Russia celebrated its fifth anniversary by having a room built out of chocolate. They hired Lithuanian ad agency Ad Hunters, who commissioned artist and sculptor Elena Climent to carve the chocolate room.

Elena used 420 kilos of milk, white and dark chocolate to decorate the room and make furniture like chocolate table, sofa, carpet, cutlery, candle holders, and even chocolate flowers. 40% of the room is dark chocolate, another forty is milk chocolate and the rest uses white chocolate.

After the celebration is over, the mall broke up the room into tiny pieces of chocolate and handed to visitors at the plaza.

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Amazing houses for dogs- 14 Images

Amazing houses for dogs
German company Best Friend’s Home creates amazing houses for dogs.
High quality wood and shatterproof glass windows make each doghouse resistant against all types of weather. Beautiful designs were inspired by modern houses, fairytale castles, and luxurious mansions.


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3-D street art by former NASA space illustrator Kurt Wenner- 20 Images

3-D street art by former NASA space illustrator Kurt Wenner

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