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The first bikini hairdresser’s- 6 Images

World's first bikini hair salon

World’s first bikini hair salon called Heaven opens in Virginia since 10 October, 2006. All the hairdressers in the salon are pretty young women in bikini.

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The Cardrona Bra Fence of New Zealand- 10 Images

The Cardrona Bra Fence of New Zealand
The Cardrona Bra Fence of Central Otago, New Zealand, began in 1999 some time between Christmas and New Year 1999, when four women’s bras were found attached to the wire fence alongside the road. It’s unknown who did it and why. The news spread and soon more bras began to appear. By the end of February 2000 there were some 60 bras on the fence. At this time somebody took offence to it and removed them. The local press reported this and soon more bras began to come in.

By October 2000, the number of bras had reached around 200, and again some unknown persons cleared the fence of bras. By this time, the fence had become a tourist attraction and the media gave the story of the second attack a wider coverage. This resulted in even more inflow of garments. By early 2006, the number of bras attached to the fence stood at close to 800.

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Most Unusual Indian Conjoined Twins Pictures- 12 Pics

Most Unusual Indian Conjoined Twins Pictures
Mother Nature sometimes can be cruel. Take a look at these pictures and you will see how conjoined twins can go wrong in some weird way.

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Birds of America- Most Expensive Book in the World- 12 Images

Birds of America- Most Expensive Book in the World
“Birds of America“, John James Audubon’s unique sample of nature, art and craftsmanship wrapped in a beautiful album was sold at Sotheby’s last auction for the staggering price of $11.5 million, making it the most expensive book ever sold.

This is one of just 11 copies owned by private collectors.

Audubon, a 19th century French-American naturalist and painter, gathered 500 breeds of birds, all illustrated in 1,000 hand-painted life-size images, in his extraordinary book, which took 12 years to complete.

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Ark Hotel- World’s Most Unique Hotel- 10 Images

Ark Hotel- World’s Most Unique Hotel

The Ark hotel project was designed by Russian firm Remi-studio with the assistance of the International Union of Architects’ program Architecture for Disasters Relief. The dome-shaped hotel is constructed with wooden arches, steel cables and a “self-cleaning” plastic layer instead of glass. The slinky-like Ark hotel can be adapted to suit both land and water. It is built to stay afloat in the event of floods or rising seas. The 14,000 square meter shell-like construction of arches and cables distributes the weight evenly, meaning it can withstand earthquakes. Daylight is filtered through to internal rooms due to the hotel’s see-through structure, reducing the need for lighting.

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Incredible Russian Night Club and Ice Bar- 15 Image

Incredible Russian Night Club and Ice Bar

It’s so cold in winter in Northern Russia that people in St. Petersburg decided not to waste money on heating their bar and made a bar made solely from ice.

You can enter for a fee of $12.

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