10 Cute Sleeping Babies

10 Cute Sleeping Babies

With their snowy skin, plump cheeks, teeny fingers and toes, and pouty rosebud lips, these newborn babies really do deserve their Sleeping Beauties nickname. Most of these pictures are from the collection of two sisters Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden, who took most of the photographs at their studio in Nbraska. They photograph the babies when they are between five and 10 days old.

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Babies Swimming Underwater- 14 Images

This is a set of pictures from London Baby Swim, a school where they teach babies as young as 6 six weeks old to swim and to develop their motor skills. Of course, the parents take part in this process.

As you can see, babies are natural swimmers and can be underwater without a problem. The thing is that “Up until the age of around nine months babies have a miraculous gag reflex which blocks off their windpipes as soon as they are underwater, allowing them to instinctively hold their breath,” explains Phil Shaw, the founder of London Baby Swim.
So, the sooner you put your baby into the water to learn it to swim the better.

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