What To Eat For Beauty, Brains And Good Health

What To Eat For Beauty, Brains And Good Health
Healthy eating is the most effective and least expensive preventive health measures we can take.

Here’s our list of Super foods. Tape it to the fridge, and make an extra copy to bring with you when you go grocery shopping. It’s not necessary to eat everything every day, but if you use this list to plan meals and menus, you’ll be eating from among the healthiest foods in the world.

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Remedies for Pregnancy Vomiting and Morning Sickness

When you first find out that you are going to have a baby, you seldom think of morning sickness. Sometime during the happy early weeks of your pregnancy, however, you will remember all you’ve been told about the pregnancy vomiting and nausea that three-quarters of all pregnant women must cope with, usually during the first trimester of pregnancy. Enduring nausea symptoms is far from easy for most women and the fact that you are not the only mother-to-be who is suffering doesn’t make it any easier. Nevertheless, there are several simple home remedies that can effectively ward off nausea and other symptoms. Prescription medications are also available.

You can expect to experience symptoms about three or four weeks into your pregnancy. Nausea and the bouts of vomiting that typically accompany it will soon prompt you to search for safe, natural cures to help you cope. Although pregnancy vomiting and nausea are exhausting, there is a positive aspect to morning sickness. Compared to women who do not experience these symptoms, expecting mothers who have this condition are at much lower risk of miscarriage and their pregnancies rarely end up in stillbirths.

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Celebrity Fitness Secrets- What do they do to look so good?

This is a question most of us have caught ourselves asking, and apart from great genes, these are some of the secrets behind celebrity fitness and weight loss –
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