Modern Tree House- 10 Images

Modern Tree House- 10 Images
Unique tree house, designed and constructed by Baumraum, is located in a small private garden in Munster, Germany.

Wooden structure rests on metal stilts above a pond. It is equipped with comfortable bed, modern furniture, large windows, and a terrace.

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Creative Slide House in Tokyo- 17 Images

Creative Slide House in Tokyo
Creative house in Tokyo features cleverly integrated slide that allows people to quickly travel from one floor to another.

Designed by LEVEL architects, this amazing family house is equipped with rounded corners, hardwood floors, and modern furniture.

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Amazing houses for dogs- 14 Images

Amazing houses for dogs
German company Best Friend’s Home creates amazing houses for dogs.
High quality wood and shatterproof glass windows make each doghouse resistant against all types of weather. Beautiful designs were inspired by modern houses, fairytale castles, and luxurious mansions.


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