Snake Soup Meal Served In Chinese Restaurant- 10 Images

Snake Soup
Tired of Thai Soup? Try Snake Soup A mouth-watering delight, the snake soup is an all exclusive Hong Kong affair. In most restaurants it is prepared using any 1 of 5 snakes, which includes the king cobra. Snake Soup is plain snake meat tossed in a watery broth. It reportedly tastes like eel, except it’s more smooth and white and to me more disgusting.

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The World Biggest Snakes- 4 Images

The World Biggest Snakes
I think these are anaconda, and here some information about anaconda

Eunectes is a genus of non-venomous boas found in tropical South America, commonly called anacondas. An aquatic group of snakes inhabiting swamps and rivers, its members include some of the largest snakes in the world. Despite this, little was known about them until recently. The name Eunectes is derived from the Greek word Eυνήκτης, which means “good swimmer.” Three species are currently recognized.

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