Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

Pregnancy and weight gain are the two major causes of stretch marks. When your skin is stretched to maximum capacity, your skin’s elastic fibers and collagen breaks down and the ruptured middle layer tissue can then be seen through the thinned outer layer of skin. Every woman in her life develops stretch marks. Some women have a family disposition to develop stretch marks whereas others do not develop them at all.

There are various other causes of stretch marks. Some of them are:

• Stretch marks may occur on the body of both men and women, if they have the problem of obesity.

• Sometimes stretch marks develop due to some hormonal and genetic problems.

• Boys and girls in their teen age develop stretch marks, because of the stretch on the skin of their body in the process of growth.

• Sometimes stretch marks are caused by the intake of chemical based medicines while suffering from a disease for a long time.

• Deficiency in essential minerals and vitamins also lead to stretch marks. So proper and regular food is required.

In all diseases, nothing could be as good as home remedies. Similarly in case of stretch marks, taking to home remedies is the best way to get rid of them. But during pregnancy, it is very necessary to go with what doctors advise. Some of them can be given below:

• Gentle rubbing of warm olive oil on the abdomen and hips better one’s blood circulation and help reduce stretch marks to a great degree.

• Prepare a mixture by adding one ounce of carrier oil (try avocado, sweet almond, jojoba, they are the best) with seven drops of lavender and five drops of chamomile. Apply on the affected areas. This is one of the important home remedies for stretch marks.

• Massage by using calendula oil on the affected parts work a lot in minimizing stretch marks, because this oil is known for its medicinal property. Even lavender oil which is known for its aromatic herbal quality, errand (castor oil), flaxseed oil and cod liver oil can be used to get rid of this problem.

• Apply cocoa butter and/or elastin cream through out the body. These are very good for stretch marks.

• Another most popular home remedies in this category is the mixture of a little almond oil, lavender oil, half teaspoon chamomile oil. It is said to be the most effective treatment.

• Take 1/2-cup virgin olive oil, 1/4-cup aloe vera gel, liquid from 6 capsules of Vitamin E, liquid from 4 capsules of Vitamin A. Mix all the ingredients together in a blender. After that store the mixture in the refrigerator. Apply the oil externally all over the places where the stretch marks commonly appear (abdomen, hips, thighs and breasts). This is one of the useful home remedies for stretch marks.

• An herbal solution can also be made by mixing one tablespoon wheat germ oil and one tablespoon calendula oil. Regular application of this mixture on abdomen, hips, and breast regions work greatly particularly in stretch marks caused due to pregnancy or overweight.

• It is advised to maintain sufficient levels of water in body to avert any problems of dry skin. Good hydrated skin results in regular detoxification of skin pores and restores elasticity which will further aid in diminishing the stretch markings. It is advised to drink 1-2 glasses of water several times during day.

• The adequate and uninterrupted supply of nutrition to body is of great eminence. It is recommended to include ample vitamins A, C and E in the diet chart. These vitamins endow skin with optimum elasticity and at the same time provide nutrients for skin care. Fresh fruits, vegetables, almonds, fish and eggs are some example of vitamin rich food items.

Apart from the above remedies, exercise is one of the best recourses for reducing the appearance of stretch marks because the firming of the body tightens the skin and promotes better elasticity. Because stretch marks usually develop in the areas like the thighs, abdomen, hips, and arms, here are some exercises to help you firm these areas:

• To firm your buttocks and hips, lie flat on your back and relax. Now lift one leg and create a 90 degree angle until you feel a certain pull on your buttocks. Repeat with the other leg, slowly adding to the pace and to the strain on the hips, thighs and buttocks.

• To firm your thighs, sit on a chair and put your hands down at your sides to hold on to the chair. Now swing your legs up and down.

• To firm your stomach, you can perform abdominal crunches. Lie flat on your back and bend your knees with feet flat on the floor and hands on the sides of your head. Now contract your abs and lift your upper body slightly off the floor.

• To firm your bottom, lie face down on the floor with your arms on the side. Raise your right leg first then down, and then do the same with the other leg. You don’t have to raise your leg too high; three to six inches off the floor will suffice.

The goal for all the exercises is to do twenty lifts for each exercise, three times a week.

If a home remedy is used properly by keeping other necessary cares regarding the intake of nutritious food on time and drinking of enough water every day, one can easily get rid of this stretch mark problem.