Pet Eye View Digital Camera

See the world through the eyes of your 4-legged friends!
Built-in timer automatically takes photos.

A tiny camera on your pet’s collar will let you see through the eyes of your cat or dog while you’re away, or while they tour the neighborhood. Meet your doggie’s friends across town and spy on your kitty with this awesome gizmo!

What have Kitty and Fido been up to all day, anyway? Find out with this amazing device! The ultra-compact and extremely durable digital camera clips onto your pet’s collar, just like an ID tag. Its water-resistant ABS housing will keep it secure while your best friend roams the world, giving you the chance of a lifetime to actually see all the stories your pet has been dying to tell you for years! The internal memory stores lots of photos, and the timer can be set to automatically take a shot every 1, 5, or 15 minutes. The camera includes a USB charger, USB cable, lithium-ion battery, and everything you need to spend some quality time with your feline and canine buddies… while you aren’t there.

All of the photos can be easily downloaded to your computer to see what your pet has been doing all day, and since the camera is plug-and-play, there’s no complicated installation process or software to load.

Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera Features

•Clip it to your dog or cat’s collar and record photos from their point of view.


Water-resistant, ABS housing
640 x 480 resolution for 4″ x 6″ prints
Internal memory stores over 35 photos
Auto interval settings (1, 5 or 15 minutes) for time-lapsed recordings
USB connectivity/charger
Includes Lithium-ion battery charged by USB connection
LED power indicator