Is It Legal To Use Spy Gear?

Different spy gears are used for the purpose of investigating information that others would prefer to keep private. Homemade spy gear and counter surveillance equipment are now easily available in the spy gear catalog for the asking. To use spy gear – whether cheap spy gear or free spy gear, secret spy gear or spy gear cameras – is no longer the exclusive domain of the federal government, the local law enforcement agencies, private investigators and bounty hunters, but also private individuals.

List of Commonly Used Spy Gears

Your online spy gear catalog would usually list the following secret spy gear as the most commonly used among surveillance equipment:

Audio spy equipment: These would include voice analysis and modification equipment, like voice changers for use in telephones and cell phones, voice stress analyzers, audio amplifiers such as used in the Spy Ear.

Audio recorders: Homemade spy gear such as these would refer to the usage of digital voice and telephone recorders.

Bug Detectors: They are useful and cheap spy gear equipment for performing countermeasure checks as a service to your clients, or for your own self. They help to detect all major electronic surveillance devices including microphones, tape recorders, video transmitters, and phone, room and body bugs.

Spy Gear Cameras: These include covert and easily hidden security cameras – in hats, glasses, in buttons and more.

The Super Ear: This amplified microphone device is a great add-on to any covert surveillance equipment, and what it does is to improve your ability to hear all the sounds surrounding you – whether indoors, outdoors or practically anywhere. The Super Ear Sound Enhancer for instance, with a powerful and impressive 50 decibels of sound gain, boosts your hearing to a great extent, and enables you to hear what you otherwise may have missed.

The Hand Held Scanner: This device is a metal detector and commonly used among the different spy gears. The Garret Super wand Hand Scanner, for instance, offers advanced detection capabilities, with the additional features of a 360 degrees uniform detection field along with pinpointing tip, and a silent vibrating alarm mode facility.

Purpose of Spy Gears

When you step out to buy spy gear, keep in mind the following uses and purposes of using spy gear equipment:

• To investigate information that others would prefer to keep private.

• To help to record certain important discussions and conversations, proving very useful for both the qualified surveillance professional and the amateur user.

• To fortify you against false accusations later on by making use of small, easily concealed radio frequency transmitters placed in a particular room so as to locate certain vital conversations.

• Devices like the bionic ear hearing amplifier and other such listening gadgets can help determine whether your children are safe at all times, and have also proved very useful in divorce cases and custodial hearings.

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