10 Best Hollywood Celebrity Homes

If antiquity gods lived in the heavenly Olympus above the clouds, nowadays stars have cribs that top anything else in the world. Choose any celebrity home and you’ll hardly find any comparable house that doesn’t belong to a star. So, what’s so great about a celebrity home, apart from being famous? A celebrity home has style, Oscars by the fireplace and gorgeous gardens.

Hollywood is the most popular place for any celebrity home, for the simple reason that it is the heart of show-biz. So here I have compiled a list for some of the best Hollywood celebrity homes.

Barbra Streisand

10 Best Hollywood Celebrity Homes

This celebrity home is a huge mansion completely covered (inside and outside) with “aged” wood, stained glass windows and an outside garden with brick walkways in front of a beautiful water front.

Christina Onassis

Christina’s house is a 5 Bedroom, 6 bathroom estate with two separate wings, a huge pool and a squash tennis court. And the best part a personal luxurious yacht.


The third position in the celebrity home top is held by Madonna and her villa with a personal spa salon, artificial pond, golf terrain and a top interior design touch, including leather sofas and mirrored walls.

Britney Spears

She is the proud owner of a tree-branch mansion with a resort-style pool and an amazing waterfall in the back yard.

George Clooney

The “Casa de Clooney” mansion is a 8 bedroom Tudor house with a large garden and golf terrain and with a design that makes Africa safari seem poor, being the celebrity home type in which you are likely to get lost.

Paris Hilton

As to Hilton’s celebrity home, we’re talking a large real estate with a Baccarat crystal chandelier in the lounge, several pets’ rooms and an artificial garden lake to go with the exotic palms. The picture above is of her dog house. You can imagine her own !

Mel Gibson

Celebrity home number 7 is Mel Gibson’s and is the paradise-like villa we all dream about. Tennis field, heated pool, garden astronomy observer or large screens covering the inside walls are all there, because this villa is a celebrity home where living like a star is a must.

Colin Farrell

Farrell’s celebrity home is the typical bachelor villa, with a wine cellar, limestone kitchen tops, beamed ceilings and outdoor billiards salon.

Denise Richard

Richards has redecorated her private celebrity home using a Japanese theme, with bonsais around the garden pond and a red and black color palette to match the mahogany furniture around the mansion.

Marilyn Monroe

The final position is Marilyn Monroe’s ex- estate home, an elegant villa with a collection of actors’ paintings, a ’50s decoration theme and a pool showing Marilyn’s famous movies.