8 Tips to Get Rid of Excess Sweating

8 Tips to Get Rid of Excess SweatingWe all sweat and sweating excessively is just a sign that something isn’t right with you.

Below are some tips and suggestions as to things you can do to help your sweating issue:

1. Lose weight – The majority of people who suffer from this type of thing are overweight. Being overweight puts a massive amount of stress on the body and not to mention if you are overweight you are also severely dehydrated.

2. Drink water – Try to consume lots of water throughout the day. Being hydrated will help your body maintain its core temperature and prevent you from overheating will result in sweating. After a meal wait half an hour and then have a nice big glass of water. Try to keep hydrated as much as possible.

3. Eat plenty of fruit – Fruit is also a great way to get more water into you as fruit is water-dense. Fruit also provides the body with a vast amount of vitamins and minerals. Try to eat fruit before every meal as well. This will make sure that once you have eaten your main meal that you are satisfied and aren’t seeking out extra food.

4. Cut down your fat intake. Fat is very hard for the body to digest and in a standard diet it can account for 40% and more of our calories. This is ridiculous! We only need around 10% according to the World Health Organization, so reduce it. Easy ways to reduce are to cut out meat and only eat it at weekends.

5. Try to simplify your diet and make sure you practice good food combining. A great book for this is Fit for Life by Harvey Diamond. It will help you combine your food well putting less strain on your digestive system and body.

6. Exercise – Going for even a walk a day will help you and you can always increase this when you have the stamina and enthusiasm.

7. Anxiety – If you suffer from anxiety or your sweating problem has made this worse then it is time to get control of it. There are many programs available to help you calm yourself down in any situation.

8. Give yourself time to relax each day. Relaxing however doesn’t include time in front of the TV. Most people think they are relaxing in front of the TV but are in fact not. TV is one of the biggest causes of boredom. Take a nice bath, go for a relaxing walk or do something creative. These will all help you mellow out and balance you.

Once you start changing your life and living a healthier lifestyle, your sweating should disappear – but you may not even notice because you will feel 10 times better than you did in the first place.