5 Things That Make a Man Afraid to Love You!

5 Things That Make a Man Afraid to Love You!There are countless things that a man would never want to hear from a woman, especially the ones they love; however, women have the tendency to think of them as a fear developing from men; wherein such men become afraid of loving their women. Here are just a few of the things that make a woman ask the question “was he afraid to love me?”‘ when in fact, it is actually things that her man is afraid to hear.

1. Be a Man: These words will truly have a damaging impact on your man. Imagine, having to question his manhood and masculinity. Even though your man loves you deeply, but if you will not be so womanly as to question his being a man, then expect that your man will drift away a little and ay seem like he is afraid you love you. Of course, after questioning his manhood, it is but natural that he will feel like detaching himself from you for a while until he has finally thought things over.

2. We need to have a talk: The question of “was he afraid to love me?” is actually an outcome of the things you say. If you tell your man in a matter-of-fact tone that you need to have a talk, you may not know it but it actually stabs your man’s heart and so, he appears like he is drifting away. That is why you should be careful with what you say and avoid carelessly blurting out something that might hurt the feelings of your man.

3. My parents would like to meet you: Popping this question to your man may actually tell him two things. First, that your relationship together has already crossed milestones and should now be considered a really serious relationship; or that second, your family plans to dissect and conduct some character evaluation or character assassination on your man. And naturally, your man would feel a little bit uncomfortable about it which could cause him to detach himself a little from you; thus, prompting you to ask the question of “was he afraid to love me?”

4. It is so different with the way my ex-boyfriends does it: Make sure you never talk or make mention about your ex-boyfriend. Because it will surely give him a negative feeling to be compared with someone you have already dumped or worse, might have dumped you.

5. What are you thinking of? It is understandable that women are by nature, curious about knowing things. However, since men are not so fond of being questioned so much, make sure you do not discuss about what could be on his thoughts or worse, explore the various things that could be occupying his mind. It would be best to just keep yourself from talking so much especially when you notice that your man is deep in his thoughts. Following such tips, you can be assured that you will not have to ask the same question of “was he afraid to love me?” about your man.