Are you dating a married man?

dating a married man
A man who cheats on his wife is rated by women as one of the lowest acts possible according to a leading British women’s magazine. Cheating rated as low as other anti-social betrayals such as violence against women and neglecting basic family values and commitments.

With married women showing such strong opposition to unfaithful husbands, it does not seem fair that single women would target married men for relationships knowing the potential damage it can cause to entire families.

Further studies suggest that one-fifth of British women who are in romantic relationships are doing so with the full knowledge that their lover is married, however this figure is thought to be much higher when taking into account those who keep their affairs with married men private.

For those single or attached people who use the internet to find love or sex, every 3rd person you come into contact with will use deceptive behaviour to achieve their purpose. Why are online dating sites so popular for prevaricators?

Anyone can set up an online dating profile and simply input any information they please. They can also alter their profile at any time depending on whether they want to be seen as married, single, gay, bi-sexual, older, and younger or what ever unfulfilled fetish stirs.

Chat rooms are also another online arena shielding married men from exposure offering them another perfect environment to prey on unsuspecting online chatters. Deceptive social behaviour certainly does not limit itself to online dating sites …

Married men who meet women at clubs and bars is rife and is part and parcel of singles life. Wealthy men are particularly guilty of using their confidence and power to seduce single women. Another emerging trend is that many wives of rich cheating men turn a blind eye to their husband’s infidelity preferring to remain as a kept woman with access to their husband’s finances and lavish lifestyle.

For those 20% of women who willingly date married men, this choice can often be reflected by her selection of lifestyle and that dating someone who is married simply suits her. She may not be looking for a commitment and doesn’t want the complications an honest relationship can involve. Many mistresses are in it for the ‘now’ time and are incredibly independent women choosing their careers over normalization.