Are you wearing the wrong size bra?

80% of women today wear bras that are the wrong size for them. Are you one of those 80%? Is your number, or band size, correct? What about your letter or cup size? While it’s best to buy your bra with the help of a bra-fit specialist, they’re often not available in stores and intimate apparel departments. Chances are that you bought your bra on your own and are just not sure whether it fits the way it’s supposed to. Even if you did receive a fitting when you originally purchased it, weight changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding may have since changed your size and shape, creating new doubts in your mind. Not to worry. With the help of a mirror, there are some easy ways you can determine on your own whether you’re wearing the wrong size. The key areas to look at are the principal components of every bra: the band, the cups, and the straps.

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Socks that protect your feet from sharp objects- 7 Images

Socks that protect your feet from sharp objects- 7 Images
Swiss Protection Socks provide absolute barefoot feeling like no other footwear. These innovative cut resistant socks will protect your feet from sharp objects and allow you to walk, run, and go rock climbing without shoes.

The TÜV-tested (TUV- German Association for Technical Inspection) Swiss Protection Sock (SPS) is designed for people who like to go barefoot without the risk of injury from sharp objects or the feeling of rubber soles.

The special and patented fabric with a polyester nubbed sole offers protection from shells, broken fragments, other natural elements or dangerous objects and offers at the same time maximum freedom as if one is only wearing a sock.

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How to Get Fit at Home Without Joining A Gym ?

How to Get Fit at Home Without Joining A Gym ?
Most of us know that exercise is important for losing fat and building strong bones. But attending a gym might be difficult for some people because of the tight schedule. Purchasing exercise equipments at home can be an option. But it can be expensive for someone who’s on a tight budget. Many people give up on getting fit because they cannot afford a gym membership.

Fitness has thrived since long before the introduction of the gym’s monthly membership fee or the stair-stepper. There are plenty of exercises you can perform at home without any weights or other equipment. Give the following exercises a try and you’ll find that you can truly enjoy losing weight and keep your muscles toned with very little help from anything or anyone but yourself.

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Computer Used To Decode Brain Activity

Computer Used To Decode Brain Activity An X-ray shows one of the patients in the study with electrodes all over their brain

Scientists believe they have found a way to read people’s minds in what could be the first step towards helping brain-damaged patients who cannot speak.

US researchers used a computer program to decode brain activity and put it into words using a form of electronic telepathy.

Experts described the breakthrough, unveiled in the journal Public Library of Science Biology, as “remarkable” and believe it could ultimately be possible to decipher people’s thoughts.

Researchers at the University of California in Berkeley used the programme to predict what spoken words volunteers had listened to by analyzing their brain activity.

Previous research has shown imagined words activate similar brain areas as words that are said aloud, raising hopes they can also be uncovered by “reading” brain waves.

Professor Robert Knight, who worked on the study, said: “This is huge for patients who have damage to their speech mechanisms because of a stroke or Lou Gehrig’s disease and can’t speak.

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Why Should We Choose Organic Cosmetics?

Organic Cosmetics
If you are a big fan of cosmetics, then you’ve probably heard of organic makeup. They are becoming very popular as more makeup enthusiasts turn to more natural ingredients just like those found in organic makeup. Organic makeup refers to cosmetics which are produced from plants, plant extracts, natural oils, and mineral pigments to give the skin color and a natural healthy glow.

As compared to commercially produced makeup today which contains harmful ingredients such as a cocktail of chemicals, fragrances, and synthetic colors that can harm one’s skin, organic makeup is a healthy and safe alternative to enhancing beauty. Organic cosmetics are the right recipe for those who love to look good but not on the expense of their skin.

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