Loft Apartment in New York- 10 Images

Loft Apartment in New York

Innovative studio apartment designed by talented architect Kyu Sung Woo.

To maximize all usable space in this 700 square foot apartment, modern bedroom was constructed above the kitchen. Horizontal surfaces were covered with maple wood and vertical surfaces were painted white. Continue reading “Loft Apartment in New York- 10 Images”

Leaf House- Nature inspired house- 19 Images

Leaf House- Nature inspired house
Unique nature inspired house designed by Mareines & Patalano architects.

Leaf shaped roof protects this beautiful house from hot and humid climate of Angra dos Reis, Brazil. Located one hour drive south of Rio de Janeiro, the house comes with wooden interior and modern swimming pool.

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Beautiful 125 sq ft House on Wheels- 8 Images

Beautiful 125 square foot house designed by Ann Holley and Darren Macca.

ProtoHaus was made out of wood and recycled materials. It has modern kitchen, tiny bathroom, and small bedroom with comfortable bed.

Mobile house is powered by solar energy. This means that you can live completely off the grid.

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A Dream Oceanfront House- Laguna Beach Residence- 16 Images

A Dream Oceanfront House- Laguna Beach Residence
This single family villa spreads over 2,470 square feet, featuring a tasteful remodel that transformed the residential building into a dream oceanfront house. The Laguna Beach Residence – as the glass oasis was named – is located on a promontory, overlooking the huge stretches of water from behind transparent glass walls.

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Canadian Muskoka Boathouse- 13 Images

Canadian Muskoka Boathouse and Seasonal Residence
For those of you looking to build a boat house, this rural boat house with seasonal residence can be the inspiration you were looking for. Located in Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, Canada, the construction that borrows the name of its location is a renovation of an existing boathouse with a 600 square foot second story guest suite and roof terrace addition. Designed by Christopher Simmonds Architects, the Muskoka Boathouse is described by its creators: “Situated at the end of a narrow bay, the design of the new boathouse mediates between extended views out to the wide vista of the distant lake and the immediacy of the enclosed forested shoreline of the bay. The design provides a lens for these varied views as well as a sheltering foil to the open lake breezes and water traffic. A new exterior staircase positioned on the lower deck was introduced as a welcoming gesture in connecting the lower deck to the second level roof terrace.

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