The Basics of Phone Bugging Devices

The Basics of Phone Bugging Devices
One of the spying devices that is most feared by terrorists or criminals is the telephone bug equipment, or even worse, a cell phone bug. If they are victims of these electronic tools, then they can count their days as outlaws. Sooner or later, they will fall into the hands of justice. Although law has been using phone bugging devices for a long time, they have become more sophisticated, and are able to perform in ways that were only dreamt about in the science fiction books of the sixties or seventies.

What Are Phone Bugs?

A phone bug is an electronic device that is installed near a phone. Once it is placed, the private conversation of any user can be picked by an outsider. This covert listening device is commonly composed by a mini radio transmitter and a microphone.

The microphone is the one in charge of capturing the conversation, converting the sound into an electronic signal that is passed to the radio transmitter. Once the radio transmitter has it, it sends it wirelessly to an external receiver.

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