Is It Legal To Use Spy Gear?

Different spy gears are used for the purpose of investigating information that others would prefer to keep private. Homemade spy gear and counter surveillance equipment are now easily available in the spy gear catalog for the asking. To use spy gear – whether cheap spy gear or free spy gear, secret spy gear or spy gear cameras – is no longer the exclusive domain of the federal government, the local law enforcement agencies, private investigators and bounty hunters, but also private individuals.

List of Commonly Used Spy Gears

Your online spy gear catalog would usually list the following secret spy gear as the most commonly used among surveillance equipment:

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Shoot ‘n Share Camcorder Projector

Shoot 'n Share Camcorder Projector
The Shoot ‘n Share Camcorder Projector, which retails for about $300 plus a memory card through Hammacher-Schlemmer can instantly project what you just shot on to the nearest wall or flat surface, zoom in to check facial expressions and zoom out to check backgrounds.

The camcorder shoots 720p HD video and 8MP still photographs and projects a 5″ to 65″ image for sharing your just-captured shots.

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