Cassie Doing Exercise in Spandex & Sports Bra – 8 pics

Here are some awesome pics of British glamour model Cassie giving spandex, a sports bra and jogging a good name.

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Facial Exercises to look five to ten years younger

Your face has more than ten bones and 12 muscles, with numerous branches of nerves, arteries, and veins. As a person ages, the skin on their face begins to sag. This can be caused by loss of muscle tone and elasticity.

Facial exercise can help in all of these areas. It is typically used to stimulate blood flow and circulation, to better prepare skin for a facial treatment, relieve tension, or assist in treating medical conditions.

What is Facial Exercising?

It is a series of contractions and applied resistance to specific muscles in the face, sort of like body building but for the face and neck. In addition to increase in muscle size, which provides a nice lift to the face, when muscles are contracted the supply of blood to that area increases by ten times than normal, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to skin.

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Exercise Your Brain To Increase Brain Power

We all know that exercise is good for the body. But recent studies have found that mental exercise improves memory, concentration, and abstract reasoning among people. And great memory can help you succeed in school, in your job, and in life. It can help you learn faster, and fast learners are always in demand.
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