Megaphone for your iPhone- 6 Images

Megaphone for your iPhone
Horn shaped iPhone speaker, designed by Italian company en&is, allows you to listen to your favorite music without headphones.

Ceramic megaphone will amplify the sound of your iPhone or iPod Touch. It does not use any electricity and comes with elegant wooden stand.

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Pen Scanner to capture documents on the go

If you are not familiar with the DocuPen scanners, they are pen-shaped devices that are handheld scanners used to capture documents on the go.

The folks at Planon, who have been making pen scanners for a few years, has finally launched the DocuPen X Series for the mass market.

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Shoot ‘n Share Camcorder Projector

Shoot 'n Share Camcorder Projector
The Shoot ‘n Share Camcorder Projector, which retails for about $300 plus a memory card through Hammacher-Schlemmer can instantly project what you just shot on to the nearest wall or flat surface, zoom in to check facial expressions and zoom out to check backgrounds.

The camcorder shoots 720p HD video and 8MP still photographs and projects a 5″ to 65″ image for sharing your just-captured shots.

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Latest Nursing Gadgets for Breastfeeding Moms?

Take a look at some of the latest nursing gadgets for breastfeeding mothers. Now that breastfeeding is becoming more and more common for moms both at home and at work, these gadgets can help a mother nurse and pump her way to a well-fed baby.

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer
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