How To Check for Phone Taps?

To check for phone taps, observe keenly for phone tap symptoms such as low voice, abnormal rings and disturbing hisses. Although difficult, you have some respite in following a few steps:

Carefully Inspect Every Inch of Phone Wire in your Home: Look for phone tap equipment on the phone line like coil taps or induction coils.

Open up the “restricted” Side of the Box and check in there: Receiver, underside of the box is the places where tapping instruments are placed for their insusceptibility. It might spring a surprise or two.

Some of the more advanced Taps can be very small and easily fit inside a phone so that detection is all the more difficult. You have to have a surgeon’s eye to detect them. Alternately, you can use a watchmaker’s glass, too.

Are My Telephone Lines Being Unofficially Tapped?

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